Secular Health Share Plan

Are there Secular Health Share Plans?

The short answer is no, but yes. Let me explain.

If you’re not the religious type, but are interested in health sharing. Read on. There is a great opportunity to save on your monthly healthcare costs. If you’re looking for secular health sharing plans, there is an option available to you.
There are six Health Care Sharing Ministries. The one that is closest to being a Secular Health Sharing Plan (Non-Religious) is AlieraCare. What’s even better is that they have the strongest health sharing plans, anyway.

Which is the Most Secular Health Share Plan?

Health Sharing Ministries are based on a religious exemption. So they are all religion based. But AlieraCare is the option that best meets the definition of a Secular Health Sharing Plan. Like all other plans, this organization allows you to be exempt from the tax penalty. The cost for this membership is also not taxed, which means even lower rates for their members.

Why is AlieraCare is the Most Secular Health Share Plan?

AlieraCare fits the bill is because of their lenient statement of faith. Other health shares are limited to specific faiths. AlieraCare is option to all of them, so long as you can agree to their 5 statements of belief. These statements of belief are open to any faith or belief. There is no need for membership to a church or any other organization of faith.
So it’s not entirely secular, but it is close to being a Secular Health Share Plan.

Statement of Beliefs

To qualify, you must attest to the following Statement of Beliefs:
    1. We believe that our personal rights and liberties originate from God and are bestowed on us by God.
    2. We believe every individual has a fundamental religious right to worship God in his or her own way.
    3. We believe it is our moral and ethical obligation to assist our fellow man when they are in need, according to our available resources and opportunity.
    4. We believe it is our spiritual duty to God and our ethical duty to others to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid foods, behaviors, or habits that produce sickness or disease to ourselves or others.
    5. We believe it is our fundamental right of conscience to direct our own healthcare, in consultation with physicians, family, or other valued advisors.
If you accept this statement on the application, then you can enroll. Other Health Share Ministries are much more strict. Some will even call your church to verify you are a church member. They will even cancel your membership if their specific lifestyle tenants are broken.

Who Can Enroll?

AlieraCare is the most open and inclusive Health Share Ministry on the market. If you accept the Statement of the Beliefs on the application (see above,) you can enroll. They are even open to unmarried and same sex couples and there are no requirement for “family types.” Aliera does not decline people due to their medical condition. So, in short, anyone can enroll as long as they accept the Statement of Beliefs on the application.
AlieraCare is the Closest Thing to a Secular Health Sharing Plan
As long as you can agree to the statement, you can enroll in the plan. It’s not limited to a certain belief or denomination. The heart of the statement says that a person should and can practice their beliefs in their own way. As it should be.
A Secular Health Sharing Plan is NOT insurance.
Want to see if a Health Share Ministry is right for you and your family? Try our free Health Share Guide or shop and get a quote today! It’s a quick quiz to determine if this type of coverage makes sense for you.
Alternatively, you can run a quote online for AlieraCare here, or you may contact me for assistance. Remember: There’s never any cost to you for our services!