Happy Diet, Happy Life

Yeah, it’s no shocker. What you eat does, in fact, influence your mood. Eating a fruit and vegetable rich diet can improve your mental health in as little as 2 weeks.
Does this mean you have to be vegan or vegetarian? No, not really, not there is anything wrong with it and a no-meat diet. But it has been known for years that the majority of a healthy diet consists of grains, fruit and vegetables. You do remember that pyramid they taught you in elementary school, right?
The number studies that investigated the link between diet and mental health is astounding. They all tell us pretty much the same thing. A diet consisting of a lot of fruit, vegetables and whole grains is the best way to go. This kind of diet could even prevent depression and anxiety.

Don’t Leave Chocolate Out of Your Diet

The best news? There’s no reason to cut out chocolates and other sweets wholesale. Sure, you shouldn’t go overboard with sweets as that can cause health conditions in itself. Actually, studies have shown that consuming sweets reasonably can have positive health effects. Some include increasing mood and cognitive abilities and even maintaining a healthy metabolism.

A Few Great Fruits and Vegetables

Load up your plate some of these fresh produce to improve your health.

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potatoes are rich in beta-carotene, which is a powerful antioxidant. It protects your body from free radicals. Plus, they’re also rich in vitamin A, C and B6.


You should have seen this one coming. It’s been hailed as a “super food” for many years. Contrary to popular belief, it is fruit and not a vegetable. This fruit offers more than 20 vitamins and minerals and are also an ample supply of fiber.


Blueberries are a fruit that are packed with antioxidants. Studies have also shown that blueberries may even have anticancer properties.