California Health Share Guide

The Health Share Guide is intended only for residents in the State of California.

Welcome to Health Share Guide

This brief quiz well help see if a Health Share Ministry is able to save you and/or your family money on their health insurance costs. Please answer honestly - there is no wrong answers.

Do you and anyone intending to enroll have any pre-exisiting conditions?

Do you or anyone intending to enroll take any prescription medications?

Think about the person who is enrolling that utilizes the most medical services. How often does that person go to the doctor?

Would you be able (and willing) to pay out-of-pocket for lesser services like doctor's visits and lab work if it meant you'd be paying less for your monthly costs?

How much out-of-pocket expenses could you financially absorb if a catastrophic medical event occurred to you or one of the family members you intend to enroll?

Would you rather see a community of people helping each other with medical costs opposed to health insurance companies?
Do you (or anyone you intend to enroll) have any major surgeries or procedures planned?
Do you and/or your family qualify for Premium Assistance through Covered California?
How do you receive your current healthcare coverage?