A Creative Way to Land a Job

Copywriter Chase Zreet wanted a job with Sprite at Wieden & Kennedy in New York. So he decided to develop a creative way to make his resume stand-out.

What did he do? Instead of submitting a cover letter, he submitted a rap video.

It may sound crazy, but think about it. What better way could he have shown his creativity, skill at wordplay and love for their brand than to put in a song?

In the video, he wear a great blazer and completes it with a gold chain adorned with a lemon and lime. He obviously wanted to represent the brand with his use of color and fashion.

Did He Get the Job?

Wieden & Kennedy’s Jimm Lasser tells us that there is so much emphasis put on portfolios. It was ultimately his creative enthusiasm that made him the best candidate for the job.

We like it when candidates want to be at W+K for a variety of reasons, even beyond our work. All the better [sic] when they use their unique talents to demonstrate this. Chase made a great ad about himself. He persuaded us to invest in him. He won us over.

Zreet said the rap idea came to him and “just wouldn’t shut up” and thought the video “would have a better chance at landing”.

He starts in April.

Well done, Chase. Well done.

Want to see the video? Here it is: