Affordable Healthcare Coverage Plans

A lot of people get their health insurance from their provider, but it’s becoming more and more common for people to shop for their health plan on the private market.

For some people, there are key advantages to personal health coverage opposed to employer-sponsored health plans. Namely, the larger number of options sometimes available make it easier to select the plan that is going to give you the best coverage.

But, whether you are an individual, have a family, are self-employed, a student or are just looking for the most affordable plan for your unique needs, you should consider a health sharing ministry.

These plans are not insurance. However, they behave similarly. Be prepared for different verbiage on the plan descriptions. These plans are not “ACA-Compliant,” they are “ACA Exempt.” That means as a member of a health share, you are exempt from the Individual Mandate penalty. Since your monthly obligation is a membership fee and not an insurance premium, there are no additional taxes on your monthly cost, making these plans even more affordable.

These plans are not for everyone. It is strongly encouraged that you speak with me for a consultation before enrolling in a health sharing ministry.

Need some help seeing if a Health Sharing Ministry is right for you? Check out my easy-to-use online guide.

Types of Coverage

Catastrophic Coverage

Best suited for those who are primarily healthly and looking to provide security in case of a catastrophic event.

Standard Coverage

For those are are primarily health and whose main concern is preventive services and basic medical needs and providing security in case of a catastrophic event.

Comprehensive Coverage

Designed for those who are looking for affordable alternatives to health insurance and still want coverage similiar to that of what traditional health insurance offers – from the doctor’s office to the operating room.